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Association Goals

 To represent the interests and concerns of the membrane structures industry, by serving as an information resource on codes, standards and general practices, and promote the use and growth of membrane structures.


fabric buildings, fabric structure, fabric covered buildings

Event Calendar

Directors Meeting Dec. 14th, 2006 at 10:00 AM CST


Application Form

Application for a MSMA membership is available through a online form. If your membership is approved, access to the member areas of this site will be forwarded to your email address.


Code of Ethics

MSMA supports a Code of Ethics for members.
These principles are promoted by MSMA to ensure members conduct their affairs in a professional manner.


Code of Practice

MSMA is developing a Code of Practice including a set of Standards for the supply of materials, manufacture, installation and warranty for Membrane-Covered Frame Structures.



MSMA members have access to documents posted on this site for their exclusive use.












About us

The Membrane Structures Manufacturers Association (MSMA) is a Canadian non-profit corporation whose members represent the membrane-covered frame structures industry. These types of structures have been known in the past as fabric structures, fabric covered buildings and fabric buildings.

Member companies range in size from several-person shops to multinational corporations; members' products encompass the entire spectrum of the membrane industry, from steel, aluminum, wood and fabric suppliers to manufacturers, installers and designers of end products and accessories.

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Building advantage


The inherent qualities of natural lighting, clear span space, speed of erection and fire performance are unique to these structures.


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Building code & standards


Material standards for steel, wood, aluminum, and membrane; and PART 4 Structural Design code.


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Building accessories


Membrane-covered frame structures can be fitted with virtually any accessory system that can be found in other types of construction.


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Building design options


The various size and shape of these structures are determined by the structural spans.


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