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Association Goals

 To represent the interests and concerns of the membrane structures industry, by serving as an information resource on codes, standards and general practices, and promote the use and growth of membrane structures.




Membrane-Covered Frame Structures can be fitted with virtually any accessory system that can be found in other types of construction.


Codes & Standards

Membrane-Covered Frame Structures meet or exceed building codes and design standards.


Design Options

Membrane-Covered Frame Structures various designations are determined by the shape of the structural spans.



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Building advantage

The inherent advantages of natural diffused lighting, clear span interior space, speed of erection and performance in a fire situation make a membrane-covered frame structure a natural choice for many types of construction.


Natural Lighting

The light transmission through the membrane covering allows enough natural lighting for the interior lighting level to exceed the requirements of the building code. The infiltration of sun light into the structure is beneficial while keeping the harmful Ultra Violet light out.

When you walk inside a membrane-covered frame structure and experience the huge volume of wide-open space, you'll also enjoy the benefits of a naturally lit atmosphere and peaceful acoustics.

Clear Span Interior Space

Although the membrane-covered frame structure is not the only system that has clear span capabilities, it is the only system when based on economics, building deflection and ease of installation that makes economic sense.

With clear-span widths of 10 to 200 feet, membrane-covered frame structures are an ideal solution for every building application imagined and are backed by a 15-year warranty from the manufacturer. From Whitehorse to Niagara Falls, these structures have proven to be a building solution in the harshest weather conditions on earth.

Speed of Erection

The usual installation time for a complete structure is in days or weeks not months. The pre manufactured supports and the light weight membrane make installation a quick and un complicated affair.

Fire Performance

The fire performance of membrane structures is unique when compared to conventional types of construction. Although the building membranes are combustible, the fire hazard from the structure as a complete building is comparable or better than that of a non-combustible building.

The non-combustible construction provides the advantage that until the building fails, the fire is contained completely within the structure and contributes no fuel to the fire. On the negative side, this containment can cause the fire to progress further and more rapidly due to energy feedback from the enclosure and containment of the heat within the space. In addition the building contains the smoke making escape and fire fighting more difficult and smoke damage more severe.

The membrane cover of the membrane-covered frame structure will melt where it is in contact with the flame, creating an opening which provides a significant benefit by allowing the heat and smoke to escape and reduces the energy feedback to the fire, acting as a smoke and heat vent. Membranes meeting CAN / ULC S-109 and NFPA 701will contribute a very small amount of fuel to the fire as they burn. These membranes will not ignite and spread the fire across the membrane.

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