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Association Goals

To represent the interests and concerns of the membrane structures industry, by serving as an information resource on codes, standards and general practices, and promote the use and growth of membrane structures.

Member List

MSMA has three classes of Membership

Application Form

Application for a MSMA membership is available through a online form. If your membership is approved, access to the member areas of this site will be forwarded to your email address.

Code of Practice

MSMA is developing a Code of Practice including a set of Standards for the supply of materials, manufacture, installation and warranty for Membrane-Covered Frame Structures.


MSMA members have access to documents posted on this site for their exclusive use.

The Membrane Structures Manufacturers Association Inc. ("MSMA") expects that the conduct of each member shall guard and uphold the highest standards of integrity for which MSMA stands by a spirit of courtesy and friendliness in dealings with all members of MSMA. Each member shall have interest in the public welfare and will be ready to apply special knowledge, skill and training for the use and benefit of all.

In addition, each member shall:

  • be guided in all relations by the highest principles of honor and thus maintain the dignity and high reputation of MSMA.

  • cooperate in improving the application of technical information within the membrane structures industry.

  • be diligent in exposing and opposing such errors and frauds as the experience and knowledge enables each member to recognize.

  • not misstate performance claims or values as to their certified values.

  • be frank in the expression of opinion regarding work requested by clients, where work seems to present improbabilities of successful results.

  • act fairly with consideration in relations with member employees.

  • refrain from false or unsubstantiated advertising; fraudulent marketing or other practices designed to deceive suppliers or customers.

  • refrain from making statements to the press or in its advertising or other material that purport to be statements made or endorsed by MSMA.

  • not engage in conduct substantially detrimental to MSMA or its purposes.

  • comply fully with all applicable provincial and federal laws, statues, rules and regulations, including, antitrust laws, statutes, and regulations.

  • comply fully with MSMA Statement of Antitrust Compliance Policy, as may be amended from time to time.

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