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Association Goals

To represent the interests and concerns of the membrane structures industry, by serving as an information resource on codes, standards and general practices, and promote the use and growth of membrane structures.


Membrane Structures handle fire situations in a unique manner.


Membrane Structures are designed to meet wind loads for the site location.


Membrane Structures are designed to meet snow loads for the site location.


Membrane Structures experience hail without damage.


Membrane Structures are designed to meet rain loads for the site location.


Underwriters recognize the unique abilities of Membrane Structures.

Insurance Terms

Do you know your ACV from your PIP?

These Insurance Terms should help.

Approved Product

Customers demand quality, and our position in the marketplace depends on producing quality products. Ensure the quality of your products and protect your market by obtaining product certification. Industrial and commercial companies around the world rely on products and services that are Approved and specification tested. The APPROVED mark, which is backed by scientific research and testing, tells customers your product conforms to the highest standards.

Most insurance companies encourage the development and use of Approved products that advance property loss prevention practices. The value of Approved products extends beyond product certification. Clients know using Approved products reduce or eliminate their property exposure.

Many insurance companies provide their own, or require the use of third-party product certification by their underwriters.

MSMA trade mark

Members of MSMA are taking the first steps to achieving Approved products by the formation of a Code of Practice.

Members may wish to identify certain products of their manufacture with the MSMA trade mark to show compliance with our Code of Practice. The association allows the use of the trade mark in the interest of maintaining agreed-upon standards of quality, performance, interchangeability and/or safety, as appropriate.

Products which comply with the MSMA Code of Practice are eligible to carry the trade mark. Products shall not carry the trademark if they are discovered to contravene applicable laws or regulations.

MSMA certification

Future steps may also include a Certification program for employees of members.

Certification programs will improve the quality of in place membrane-covered frame structure construction by providing education and training to contractors, erectors, and students in construction programs, for the direct benefit of specifiers, designers, and owners.

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