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Association Goals

To represent the interests and concerns of the membrane structures industry, by serving as an information resource on codes, standards and general practices, and promote the use and growth of membrane structures.


Membrane-Covered Frame Structures can be fitted with virtually any accessory system that can be found in other types of construction.

Codes & Standards

Membrane-Covered Frame Structures meet or exceed building codes and design standards.


Membrane-Covered Frame Structures have inherent advantages over conventional construction.


MSMA members have access to documents posted on this site for their exclusive use.

Building design options

The various shapes and spans of membrane-covered frame structures are classified into six (6) major groups for ease of identification.

From agricultural to industrial and commercial to recreational, Membrane-Covered Frame Structures are a proven building solution for every type of application you can imagine, with buildingsavailable in clear span widths from 10 to 200 feet.

Membrane-Covered Frame Structures offer the ideal building solution for your farm operation, from protection of livestock to commodity and equipment storage. With the ultimate in versatility, a membrane-covered frame structure can be used for multiple building applications and can even be relocated if required, unlike a single-purpose conventional building.

Membrane-Covered Frame Structures are a great solution for the business owner who is looking for a low maintenance, operationally efficient, functional building for an office structure, storage warehouse or manufacturing plant. The benefits of building portability and ease of expansion to meet the changing needs of a business, and the clear-span space and naturally bright environment allow for a safe working environment and easy equipment maneuverability.

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